Month: May 2011

CREATE YOUR OWN CYO 2011 Conference & Demo Show – 30-31 May 2011, Berlin

Supported by the European Commission, ->Cookies’n’Code is hosting the first “Create Your Own 2011” event in Berlin — a business symposium and demo exhibition that brings together some of the foremost European thinkers and doers in mass customization, personalization and customer co-design.

This networking event shall provide a hub for discussion, showcase experience and offer participants to expand their network with a focus on start-ups and open-minded entrepreneurs in business-to-consumers (BTC) markets.

Check it out -> cyo2011

Pictures of the event can be seen ->here

Cookies’n’Code (on Mass Customization, Co-Creation and Rapid Manufacturing)

Cookies and Code is a multi-disciplinary collective of people exploring collaborative design and co-creation processes.

We are interested in extending Mass Customisation, personalisation and co-creation beyond giving people a choice between pre-designed shapes and their combinations.

This often involves exploring how to use digital technologies (CNC-milling, rapid manufacturing, 3-d scanning, laser cutting etc.) in integrating the prosumer into the process.

Cookies and Code are: Nadia EL-Imam and Susanne Stauch.