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CREATE YOUR OWN CYO 2011 Conference & Demo Show – 30-31 May 2011, Berlin

Supported by the European Commission, ->Cookies’n’Code is hosting the first “Create Your Own 2011” event in Berlin — a business symposium and demo exhibition that brings together some of the foremost European thinkers and doers in mass customization, personalization and customer co-design.

This networking event shall provide a hub for discussion, showcase experience and offer participants to expand their network with a focus on start-ups and open-minded entrepreneurs in business-to-consumers (BTC) markets.

Check it out -> cyo2011

Pictures of the event can be seen ->here

Cookies’n’Code (on Mass Customization, Co-Creation and Rapid Manufacturing)

Cookies and Code is a multi-disciplinary collective of people exploring collaborative design and co-creation processes.

We are interested in extending Mass Customisation, personalisation and co-creation beyond giving people a choice between pre-designed shapes and their combinations.

This often involves exploring how to use digital technologies (CNC-milling, rapid manufacturing, 3-d scanning, laser cutting etc.) in integrating the prosumer into the process.

Cookies and Code are: Nadia EL-Imam and Susanne Stauch.

Kritische Masse (Critical Mass) Publication

We finally made it to edit our texts and get the book finished which then got published by Form+Zweck.
You can purchase it directly from Amazon. Click the pic and read what we think about Professionals and Amateurs in Design.
Kritische Masse - Von Profis und Amateuren im Design

Texts by Florian A. Schmidt, Peter Lasch, Susanne Stauch, Friedrich Kautz, Fritz Gobbesso
Illustration and Layout by Andreas Töpfer

isopt at Porzellanikon

It is 300 years ago, that the first European porcelain company fired their primary pieces. Celebrating this, the *Porzellanikon in Selb, one of the German capitals of porcelain, comes up with the largest exhibition on the topic ever in this continent. (wow!)
The covering theme is *Königstraum und Massenware which is subdivided into several small exhibitions, where isopt is being presented at the *300+X – In Search of Tomorrow’s Porcelain

The opening is 24. April 2010. The exhibition runs until 2. November 2010


I am very proud to be part of it!